On Tap: Summer Ale (20 July 2006) and (nothing) (2006)
Fermenting: Best Bitter (B21)


The legend of Godiva's naked ride through Coventry gave us the infamous character Peeping Tom, the only resident to have a peek at Godiva. Honouring the legend, the Peeping Tom Brewery was established by two young brothers from Coventry to make real ale, another gift from middle England. Real Ale is made from malted barley, hops, yeast, and water. Our homebrewed beer contains no preservatives or additives of any kind, and is never filtered or pasteurized. Pure, fresh beer is our ultimate goal. Enjoy, and cheers!

Our Beers:

Best Bitter
Our Best Bitter is made with crystal malt for depth of flavour and colour. Hops are strictly English: Target, Goldings, and Fuggles for a genuine English ale.

OG: 1.052, abv: 4.9%
Coombe Abbey Ale
A Belgian-style double with plenty of malt and candi sugar. A nice strong ale.

OG: 1.064, abv: 6.3%
Mercia Mild Ale
Our mild is made with chocolate, crystal, and black malts for a deep, rich malty flavour. Hop bitterness and aroma are very subdued.

OG: 1.043, abv: 3.9%


The Peeping Tom Brewery
LI, New York
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